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The criteria for names to be included on this site are as follows:
  1. A person with the surname NOONAN ( or NUNAN ) with a connection to Australia and their male ancestors
  2. Spouses of (1) and their parents
  3. Children of (1)
  4. All persons to be born before 1939
I am also including any Irish, New Zealand & UK Noonans I can find, and Noonans limited to the first generation born in the USA or elsewhere, to help me explore possible family connections.


I have extracted names with genealogical information from indexes and books in my local and state library, as well as online. This together with my own family research and contributions from other researchers in Australia and overseas has produced a database of 51049 entries.


The database is by no means complete, however I believe it is a good place to start. I have made some assumptions in linking together certain families - especially in New South Wales where indexes do not show the mother's maiden name. Many names are not linked yet. If you find an error please let me know. I am unable to confirm contributions and have taken them on face value.

Ireland birth and baptism dates can be out of chronological order. One reason is because birth registration had to be completed within a cetain timeframe or a fine was imposed. To avoid the fine, birthdates became flexible. Another reason could be a clerical error with either or both dates. I have added the dates as they are written in records. Conflicting date evidence is listed in the notes.

During the 20 years I have been compiling this site there has been a small number of errors created when converting between different software. Most of these errors are obvious. As I find an error I correct it. If you find an error please let me know.

Any information extracted from this site MUST be confirmed by viewing the relevant certificate etc.


I would be very grateful for any piece of information, no matter how small, that can be contributed to this project. Gedcom files would be fine or a few lines in an e-mail.

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